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The Trenches places you in the shoes of a soldier from the British Commonwealth or the German Empire in the later half of the first world war (1916 - 1918). Both the Allies and Central powers have dug into their positions, resulting in bitter trench warfare. Can you help your army to succeed?

Client Downloads

In order to play The Trenches, please follow the following steps in order:

Step 1 - Create an account with Steam and install Half-Life. Note: The Trenches Requires Half-Life

Step 2 - Download The Trenches Beta 1.0 (72.6 MB)

Step 3 - Patch The Trenches 1.0 to The Trenches 1.0b (14.3 MB)

Step 4 - Download Gotrick's Mappack Addon (6.9 MB)

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Dedicated Server Downloads

Note: You only need these files if you wish to setup a dedicated server. If you only wish to play the game, download the client.

The Trenches Beta 1.0 (69.2 MB)

The Trenches Beta 1.0 to 1.0b Upgrade (13.5MB)

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